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My favourite destination

JAPAN JAPAN JAPAN!  No doubt Japan is my favourite place to travel.  I forget how many times I’ve been to the country of the rising sun but I still want to go back.  It seems like there’s a piece of magnet attached to this place and me.  So, what’s so special about this place?  I think Japan is having a very special culture.  They teach their kids from early age about being polite, being clean and being considerate.  Probably Japan is the only country that you can’t talk on your mobile phone inside the train.  In this way, you won’t be disturbing others while on the train.  Japanese restaurants probably is the only place which require you take off your shoes when you go in so that you have a very clean environment when you dine.  Examples can go on and on and on.

Another reason why I fall in love with this country is you know they do have the newest technology but on the other hand, they do keep their traditional side.  The shrine, the garden, the architecture….. you can find the newest thing inside the oldest structure.  So you get to see the latest but you can still get to know the oldest side of this country.

I can’t skip the food in Japan when I talked about this place.  There must be a reason why a lot of the oldest people alive are from Japan.  Their diet can explain it well.  It is very hard to find food which taste horrible there.  Big restaurants, small cafes, street food….they all taste so good.  The way how they present their food is also a piece of art.

Have you ever tell yourself I want to check this place out but I don’t speak Japanese and I am so worry I will get lost in translation?  Don’t worry!  I never have any problem to ask for direction or ordering food  (thanks for all the cute food modelling in front of the Japanese restaurants. ).  Use your body language or there are so many apps now which can help you doing translation right away.  It’s part of the fun to get lost in translation sometimes while you travel.  Also, Japan is so ready to welcome  more tourists while they are preparing for the 2020 Olympics.

Ready to check out Japan?  Our Japan travel specialist is waiting to help you.  Visit our website at or contact us at Facebook



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